Specialized Auto Repair in Colorado Springs

How much specific experience does the repair shop have with your make and model vehicle?
ISA has been providing professional auto repair in Colorado Springs for more than 35 years. Our auto technicians are not just “ASE certified;” they’re “ASE Master-Certified”! This means they’ve passed not just one exam, but ALL of the ASE exams. In short, we’re import experts. All we work on is imports. Not only are we familiar with the design and function of your import vehicle, but our experience has provided a vast knowledge of the common failures and fixes for import vehicles.

Specialized Training

How much specific training does the staff have with your make and model vehicle?
The auto technicians at Import Specialty Auto are all ASE-Master certified. In this business, it’s imperative to stay up-to-date with the new automotive technologies. We continually invest in both “off-site” and “on-site” training throughout the year on each of the vehicles we specialize in. When it comes to import auto repair in Colorado Springs our staff’s knowledge and experience is beyond compare.

Specialized Tools

Does the shop own the special tools that the manufacturer requires for the job?
Modern vehicles require many specialty tools to be able to perform certain services and repairs. Many shops offering auto repair in Colorado Springs are trying to perform services and repairs without making the investment in these specialty tools. As a result, repairs are not being done safely or correctly, and damage may be caused to your vehicle. Import Specialty Auto works on only select import vehicles and knows what specific specialty tools are required for these vehicles, and we’ve made the investment in these tools to give our customers the quality service they deserve.

Specialized Diagnostic Equipment

Does the shop own professional diagnostic equipment designed specifically for your import vehicle?
Up until the mid-’90s, a professional repair shop could use generic, all-purpose diagnostic equipment to diagnose just about any vehicle. Those days are gone. Today, shops performing professional auto repair in Colorado Springs must have dedicated diagnostic equipment for every individual make of car they work on. This is an expensive undertaking, but Import Specialty Auto has the equipment required to diagnose, repair, code, and program the technologically advanced import vehicles of today!

Don’t trust just anyone with your import vehicle. Bring it to a shop that understands and specializes in import service and repair. Bring your vehicle to Import Specialty Auto and receive the best auto repair in Colorado Springs — guaranteed!

Specialized Auto Repair in Colorado Springs