ISA voted 1st Place 2011 and 2012!
“Best Automotive Repair Shop in Colorado Springs”

1st Place: 2007
-CS Independent Best of Indy 2007 buttonized
2nd Place: 2008
-CS Independent Best of Indy 2008 Buttonized
1st Place: 2011
– CS Independent Best of Indy 2011 buttonized
1st Place: 2012
– CS Independent Best of Indy 2012 buttonized
1st Place: 2009
-CS Independent Best Of Indy 2009 Buttonized
1st Place: 2009
-The Gazette GT Best of 2009 gray border buttonized 72dpi
2nd Place: 2010
-CS Independent Best of Indy 2010 Buttonized
Associations, Memberships, and Accreditations
“Blue Seal of Excellence”
Accredited BusinessASE Blue Seal Plaque 72dpi
ASA MembermemberC 72dpi BBB Business Member
With A+ rating BBB Plaque 72dpi
Volvo Club of America
Member VCOA 72dpi
Official Bosch
Authorized Service Center Bosch 72dpi
Pikes Peak Volkswagen Club
MemberPPVWC-1 72dpi